The Sketchbook Project 2011-Art House Co-op


I just submitted my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. Art House Co-op is presenting a Sketchbook Tour throughout the country. We had to pick a theme, so I chose: I'm Sorry I Forgot You....it's mostly the forgotten things throughout my daily life. I didn't get as far with it as I wanted to....ran out of time....and uh, forgot about it :/ The deadline was today, so I'm posting some photos I took of my favorite pages before I ran over to the Post Office. This was a lot of fun, and definitely got me back into the creative spirit. I haven't been drawing, painting or posting in a while, so it feels good to get back into things. Working on this project has inspired me to start working on Illustration Friday, so I hope to be posting more work as the weeks go on... I also have some new costumes to start on for my Mardi Gras trip in March!! 2011 is looking like a more creative year for me already!

The books will go on tour in March, 2011 and then will permanently be in the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'll be getting a digital version of my Sketchbook, which I'll be posting as soon as it comes in.

Puffin Twisted Circus 2010

Here's a posting of our Halloween Party at work. We get to choose a theme and decorate/transform our department for a contest. This year our department won 1st place :) We were inspired by Coney Island and Tim Burton, so we decided to turn our work space into a twisted circus! Our group costumes were the sideshow freaks whose acts went wrong...or were twisted in some way. I was a knife throwers assistant, and the knife thrower had some pretty bad aim...


Mardi Gras Here We Come :)

I just booked a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (March 2011), and am so excited!!!
I know it's a bit early, but the prices were too good right now to pass up. My friend and I have been going to Jazz Fest for the past 3 years, and have really fallen in love with New Orleans and it's music and culture. Combining that with our love for costumes...we knew that we would have to check out Mardi Gras sometime. So, why not sooner than later?! Now we just have to get our ideas and costumes planned out...at least in between the Halloween season...which is just around the corner :) I'm thinking that a purple, feathered short dress is in my future!

This is a pic I took in the Maskerade store in the French Quarter. The shopkeeper is great, and will let you not only try on any mask you like...but you can photograph them as well. http://www.frenchquartermaskstore.com/


Fresh New Sketchbook

A friend of mine told me about The Sketchbook Project: http://arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject and I couldn't wait to sign up! While signing up you have to pick a theme for the sketchbook, and I chose: I'm Sorry I Forgot You. My life has gone through some changes over the past few months, and this project gives me the chance to refocus on everything that makes me--me, and also what makes me happy.

I just got my sketchbook in the mail, and I can't wait to get started. All of the participating artists need to hand their book in by January. Each book has it's own barcode which will allow it to be placed into the Brooklyn Art Library system. You can then track it while it goes on tour to the following cities:
Brooklyn, NY   Austin, TX   San Francisco, CA   Portland, ME   Atlanta, GA   Chicago, IL


Mermaid Parade 2010

This post is a little late, but the Coney Island Mermaid Parade was Saturday June 19th. My friends and I love making costumes together, and this year was so much fun. We decided to go with the Coney Island sideshow theme, with a nautical twist of course! I was in my Lobster costume as Krissy Krustacea, and marched along side Suzi Squid, Electra Eel, and Gigi Gelee. It took us a few months to get all of our ideas together, and to make the actual costumes/banner/cooler. But as always, we had a great time :)


Skiing at Mount Snow

Went skiing at Mount Snow, VT this past weekend with some friends of mine. The weather was warm, and conditions were perfect...it was an all around great weekend! Can't wait to go again at the end of March to end the season.


Moonlight Hi-Res


I just received my Hi-Res file from Charmingwall. It was fun to use the silver paint, and am glad that the colors are now showing up with the right wintry bluish tones. I hope to start working on a new painting soon...just waiting for the idea! Too many book covers on the brain right now.


Moonlight--6x6 Gallery

I'm finally posting my second piece for the 6x6 gallery!
The opening for February's show will be Fri 2/6 at their new location. They decided to combine both Galleries and show 6x6 at the Charmingwall Gallery in the West Village....better hours, and open on weekends!

For this piece, I decided to go with a Wintry Moonlight / Little Red Riding Hood theme.
I also love to do decorative work, so wanted to create a palyful a frame.

This is a lo-res image for now, but will post my Hi-Res file once I get it.


6x6 Gallery is now online

I just got my Hi-Res file from the 6x6 gallery, and can now post the image with better details.

The opening was great, with a really big turn-out, and it was really fun to see what all of the other artists came up with. Here is a link to the Charmingwall Blog to check out the opening: http://blog.charmingwall.com/2009/10/six-by-six-gallery-opening.html

All of the images are for sale on-line! You can go here to check out the other works that are available: http://www.sixbysixgallery.com/


Walking In Mykonos--6x6 Gallery


I found out about a great gallery from one of my illustrator friends. Charmingwall is located in the village and is exhibiting the 6x6 gallery starting this month. You have the chance to pick up a 6"x6" canvas, paint whatever you like, and they will display it for a month...and up to 3 months on their website.

I thought this was a good way to get my feet wet and start painting again...as you can see I haven't been posting very much. This show will be going on every month for the year, and I plan to enter every month. Above is a rough scan of the painting I will be entering, along with its sketch. Charmingwall will also give me a high quality digital file of my painting which I will post once I get it...somehow this scan isn't picking up all of the textures that I put in :(

Over the summer I went to Greece with friends of mine, and spent part of the trip in Mykonos for 5 days. I loved walking around the town on the small winding streets, the bright blue sky, and all of the beautiful white buildings. What I loved the most was all of the wonderful contrasting colors in the bright sunshine, and the gorgeous flowers and twisting trees that you would see when you turned every corner.